Lou Wai Lou, supposedly famous restaurant situated in West Lake.

We were told to try this place out by our China colleague, and since I was starving when we got there I didn’t object.

Even though it was packed like hell. And I am not joking. We waited close to 45 minutes just to get a seat, shittttttt. Never have lunch during lunch hours in China.




We were sharing a table with random strangers. They suggested we share so that we can each try more. I am like no that is disgusting.

Sorry, Chinese people uses chopsticks.

Chinese people lick their chopsticks.

They ordered fish.

The chop sticks as going through the fish like it was a steak.

Sorry, that I am a princess.


So yeah ordered our own food.

I found the website for Lou Wai Lou  but it’s all in chinese. So I am linking a couple of English sites for your reference:

Read through a couple reviews from trip advisor, mostly positive so that’s a good thing. Overall I agree the food was pretty good.

Except for this noodle dish. It was shit. So fucking oily. We didn’t finish it.



The restaurant was advertising the G20 in their restaurant. I was kind of confused, they made it sound like the G20 leaders had lunch here…..let me google if this is true…

Oh shit.

They did. hahah guess what, I dined where Barack Obama dined mother fuckers!!!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on October 4, 2016

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