Spice Temple, a restaurant…a temple of the “spices”.

ok bad joke. This place is a chinese fusion restaurant, with the main theme being..yes you got it. Spicy Food. To be honest, didn’t really think it was that spicy. We ordered three dishes in total, all supposedly “spicy”. Order the “Snake Beans” (not sure why it’s called that), the “hot and numbing dry Wagyu Beef (Yes totally dry), and the Kung Pao chicken (because why not).



The chicken was good! I loved it! As you can see from the first picture there were more chili peppers than actual chicken. Tried the peppers, there was no seeds in side. I am beginning to think the peppers are for decoration, and doesn’t really add anything in terms of taste to the dish.


Got the snake beans because we were thinking what the fuck is snake beans. Turns out to be green peas. In spicy sauce.

Yes pretty damn good.


The Dry wagyu beef was most disappointing. Dry, hard. Not really spicy. I didn’t really like it. But I guess that’s what you get in a fusion restaurant, a weird mix of western and chinese styles. Don’t order the dry wagyu beef, unless you really like dry shit in your mouth.

And I don’t like dry shit in my mouth.


Restaurant was quite dark, which adds to the ambiance. I give this place 3 / 5 stars. So average. I mean, everything was just spicy, which is great, but seriously there’s not other flavors. Or maybe my tasted buds are just fucked up.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on August 27 2016

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