What a kick ass experience visiting Fort Agra.

A UNESCO site, we were brought here by our lovely tour guide (Sami World Travels) which I highly recommend. I really recommend you getting a local tour guide to bring you around.

Without them we wouldn’t be able to go to these sites.

Partly also because we didn’t have a car haha…and you wouldn’t want to walk around loss in India…

Insides of the fort.

This is a fortress made out of red stone, and was made by the Mughal Empires.

Yeah that’s cool. I learned that from the internet haha. The tour guide was trying to explain the history behind the fort, and he was doing an awesome job. I am just a bad listener…

and I can’t retain information for shit now.

That’s why it’s good to have wikipedia around..


Consistent with other Indian sites, I had to pay 400 rupees. Locals had to pay 10 rupees. Great. Good job.




Entrance of the fort. This is similar to the red fort in New Delhi, which I only vaguely remembered. Because I was sick as fuck that time.

Stomach sick.

Throwing up sick.

Wasn’t fun.tumblr_og9qzyjUvt1rz57lco2_1280
Here’s a cool fact that I retained from the tour. The King’s wife died, and was buried at the Taj Mahal. Because the King LOVED his wife, he built a tower within the fort in which you can see the Taj, which means he can also see his wife.

So romantic.

Here’s the view from his tower:

It was a cloudy day that’s why you can’t see the TAJ…but in person I did see a glimpse of it…

Kind of eerie that the King was in this exact position, overlooking his wife.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on November 7, 2016

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  1. ha ha, u mixed it up. king was in fort as he was imprisoned there. no tower was made. nice pics.

  2. Yeah! This is also what mel did when he made the trip to New Delhi many years back. Its still the same! Wow


  1. Welcome to Agra! Fort Agra – Eurasia News Online

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