Sushi at Hakuya Sushi Bar. Random ass meal because we literally ate 2 hours before this meal. Like seriously no wonder we are getting fat.

The sushi was alright, average. Actually I got sick which was fucking bad because I had to hop on the plane the very same day.

And this was a 9+ hour flight.

Fuck my life.



It’s like why I am such a dumbass to eat raw shit 5 hours before a flight.

That’s not really wise of me.

But to be fair, I think I was getting sick already due to all the drinking and non sleeping days. It may not have been the food.







Yo I got nothing else to add for this post lol.

Again, random ass meal at a sushi bar.

And I got sick.

That’s all I got to offer on this place.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 9, 2017

Categories: Sydney

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