Hong Kong


Haha this brunch restaurant is called BOND

my underwear is called BONDS….okay maybe TMI for the internet. Just found it quite funny when I started writing this post.

SO YES. UNLIMITED WINE. FREE FLOWING BRUNCH EXPERIENCE. Yo I should just end this post right here because you KNOW ITS AWESOME.


Actually steak was not so awesome..but I cannot blame it on the restaurant…hong kong tends to not have good steak? Why is that? Is it because the cows are not being fed well? Because of the animal feed?

Don’t know. Have been disappointed a couple of times when eating steak. I should just eat fish or some other shit instead.


I also ordered the soup. The soup was pretty bad ass. I loved it.


Le GF’s main dish, Risotto.

GAWDDD this was sooooo good…

I wished I ordered this instead…I think I finished half her plate..haha. Yeah her main dish kicked my dishes ass that’s for sure.


Wheel chair travels takes the elevator.

7I love this place. There’s also an salad bar, an all you can eat salad bar. Wide variety of food including salmon, pastries, salad etc etc. I don’t think it was that expensive either! Although I don’t remember how much it was…

because…we drank a lot. FREE FLOW.



For the win!

Written from Hyderabad, Hyatt on January 12, 2017

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