Yes. I. Did.

Ate Viet Food, in Munich. You got a problem?

It was a monday afternoon, I was tired, cold and hungry. and then I passed by this restaurant called Viet Soup.

That moment, I thought about what the hot beef broth this restaurant would offer…and I am like yes I don’t care if I am in Germany or not, I am going to eat the living hell out of this place!



Okay I am going a bit overboard. I only ordered a Bun Bo Hue…partly because I only had 15 euros left and they didn’t accept credit card lol


Meh. It was okay. It WAS hot so it satisfied that major need of mine.

Prefer the one in Sydney still.

The soup base was hot, but it was not flavorful in my opinion. Oh well.



Judging from the pictures, you can see that this is a small restaurant.

Or maybe you can’t see it. I have no idea.

I shouldn’t assume things.

But it does look small right…oh well.

It’s “Cozy”.


My love – hate relationship with coke.

Trying to ween it off once more.

Love pho, even if it’s not the greatest pho in the world.

Nothig beats it!

Written from Le Meridien, Munich on December 5, 2016


  1. I love Pho soup too but in my experience most broths are served way too hot, are not flavorful enough and the meat is not quality meat. I have yet to eat a Pho that tastes better than the one I make.

    1. You make PHO?? Omg you automatically in my cool list haha (not that it means anything). If you want really good PHO try some in Sydney or Toronto! Guarantee you will love it.

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