Hong Kong


This restaurant was supposed to be called…

……….. Ciao Chow was supposed to have very good reviews….

Why was the food so average then!?


How can you survive in Central Hong Kong with only average food? Stupid me..I even made reservations.



Not the best pizza.

Dough was soggy.

Sauce was not flavorful.

And where’s the meat?

Swear we ordered pizza with meat..


These balls were damn rough.

These balls were supposed to be delicious.

The balls were not delicious.


This desert dish sort of made up for the shitty dinner that we had. But it didn’t salvage it completely.



Smack in the middle of central. It’s a really good location but mannnn there is a LOT of improvement needed in your food quality.

Not coming back.  I should mention that when I called them they said they won’t take reservation for two people. HHAHA in your face because I was able to do it with your online reservation system (which is dumb). But still, why won’t you let me make a reservation? Your restaurant was fucking empty…..

Good luck with the expensive rent.

Apologizes for the harsh review.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 10 2017

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