I am not shitting you when I am saying this restaurant called White Rabbit is a top 50 in the entire world.

I am not making this up! Just check this best 50 site out and you can see that my representations are supported.


Now did I even get into a top 50 restaurant is beyond me. Obviously it was not me that chose the restaurant, instead it was my lovely colleague that did. So glad she did. I am surprised that a restaurant in Russia is this high ranked!


Now I don’t know what the review criteria’s are, but food quality and taste has to be one them (no shit sherlock). To start this wonderful meal I had the french onion soup. GREAT Soup. But fail on my part because I was on a low carb diet and I forgot that the french onion soup came with a big ass bread….needless to say I didn’t touch the bread. But the onion soup was great.


I then ordered the ribs because…well I was on a rib rampage. I think that as the fourth night in a row where I had ribs. Can’t go wrong with ribs.

The ribs were fucking delicious. A bit small for me, but it was fucking delicious. Tender, warm, moist, flavorful, meat falling off the bone. Everything you want in a rib.

Here’s another picture of this delicious rib:

Another picture after the first bite:


Yes I took a lot of pictures of this rib.

Place was very nice and chillax, though the price was a bit pricey. You also cannot get the window seat unless you put a deposit of some ridiculous amount. But now that I think about it, if you order a couple bottle of wines, along with some steak / and ribs you will probably make that minimum spend anyways. So yeah, something to keep in mind.

Oh yah, the restaurant is pretty high up on a building so you also a gorgeous view of Moscow, but only if you spend the minimum as described above.

love white rabbit!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on August 12 2016

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