Hong Kong


Wow I almost failed to blog about this place.

Because this place was pretty fail. It wasn’t that good.

Seriously, I thought food central was at Tai Hang? Where’s the food? Ain’t nothing central about this area, pretty shit food so far. So sad, since I was staying here for several weeks.

Le GF said this place called Granville Island was supposed to be good, Le GF also said the ribs were huge.

I heard RIBSS???? Alright let’s go!

We ordered ribs, and guess what, this shit was small as fuck!



Not only was it small as fuck…

but the ribs itself was dry as fuck.

They actually have good reviews on open rice? Don’t know how……maybe I just don’t know how to appreciate good food..


Ordered a pork knuckle dish afterwards, because I was still hungry like someone be derived of food of several weeks.

Kind of regretted it because we couldn’t finish it. haha. sigh. The pork knuckle was alright…it’s not like AMAZING….I’ve had better..



Wings were also alright.

Didn’t blow my mind.

I prefer Korean Chicken and Beer though, so maybe that’s why I didn’t like it. The shit was pretty saucy though so +1 for that shit. 


Fuck off.

You were dry as hell.

I hate you so much. You were supposed to be delicious little meat balls that I would devour and rave about for hours and hours.



My reaction to all the food that we ordered.

Okay fine, I ordered.

Also reaction to the unsatisfied meal that I had here.

Fuck this shit.

Written from Hong Kong, Airport on February 17, 2017

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