First day after new years eve, what must you do?

Why you must get food of course!

Well that’s kind of dumb actually. You need food everyday. BUT…you should try to get fancy ass food..and that’s what we tried to do when we decided to brunch at this place called Left of Field..

The stuff here was dammmmnnn expensive. I got the pork burger because it’s supposed to be one of their signature dishes..and it was 20 AUD! What the f*ck!

That’s crazy.

And expensive.

Seriously…the burger it self was quite tasty…

but for 20AUD?? I don’t know…

But then you are probably thinking..if I am complaining about it why the hell did I order it?

Well..I guess I ordered I can complain about it…

Drank a lot during the holidays. Ordered this green drink to try and feel healthy.

Didn’t really work.

Still felt fat.

Am still fat.

People just chilling with their dogs. Yeah that’s how I envision Summer to be.

Just chilling.



Ahhhh how I missed a good summer meal. Hong Kong has nice days too but DAMN HOT! Be sweating while sitting there.

Oh well.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 9 2017

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