Eating like we are in a tribe!

A crazy tribe!

Like an South African Tribe! Yeah yeah!

Never had South African food before (I believe) but trust me, won’t be the last time I have this.




We were a bit uncertain when we ordered the “warrior platter” to share. We have been burned by platters before aka shit food in our mouth, full yet not satisfied kind of burn.

The type of burn that leaves you angry but full.

The warrior platter left us full.

AND satisfied.




Tribes is a fun, casual dining restaurant located in Mall of the Emirates and The Dubai Mall. The menu has been inspired by the amazing food and flavours of Africa, an extremely diverse continent, with numerous tribes, who not only speak different languages, they also have very different foods, which they prepare and serve to their family and friends with a lot of pride. – from the website

Located in both the Mall of Emirates and Dubai Mall.  We went to the one at Mall of Emirates and it was a bit empty when we got it. Began to fill up later though so no worries there.

I really want to visit South Africa one day, it seems so vibrant over there. Plus the safari. I really want to go to the safari. See some lions yo!


Since we are at a restaurant called “tribes”, it’s only reasonable for us to order a platter to share. Because we are also, a “tribe”.


Tribes. A social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.

That’s right. Definition of a tribe.

I am the leader of course because I eat the most meat.

Like a lion in a pride. We eat the most meat =)


Look at these cool looking bad boys.

Cool mugs for our kick ass cocktails. I think I got the African Sunrise which like the sunrise was very refreshing. Much needed on a hot summer day.

Where can I get these mugs? Looks so awesome.




We even got a 20% off coupon for our next visit. Now that’s how you get people to come back.

Good Food.


Great Service.

Cool Decor.

You win me, Tribes.

Written from Dubai, Sheraton Grand on April 17, 2017


  1. Mouth watering food. I really to get this. I am a foodie and can’t wait now. Thanks for sharing and you know what that coupon made my hunger double.

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