I can’t remember the last time I had steak for lunch.

Has been awhile. But after a CRAPPY lunch the other day at this shitty Mexican restaurant we wanted to make sure this meal was epic.

I passed by this steak house many times, so I suggested we go there. Like you can’t mess up steak right?

Thank goodness I was right otherwise would have gotten my ass kicked.
When we got there we were told we had to wait 15 minutes.

The helllll we already left at 11:45 hoping to catch a seat.

Must mean this restaurant is the BOMB!

We first ordered the salad. Or more like the gals ordered the salad but I had a bit.



Didn’t want to waste stomach space when my steak was coming.

Oh what did I order you ask?




Just a steak plus burger patty plus cheese.

Damnnnn this was good!

Maybe cause it was grilled on the spot and was piping hot when it arrived.

Or maybe because I was craving for a burger without buns. Whatever it was, it definitely hit the spot.

15 minutes well worth it.

Unfortunately I can’t find the website for this restaurant. So I can’t even tell you where it is located or what the address is or what the phone number is. I should have gotten their business card.

All I know is they are called “Steak House”. Yeah that shit don’t help I know, I just tried googling there are like 1000 Steak Houses.

It’s near Kyobo Life.

That’s all I can tell you. Hey at least you can refer to the previous pictures, there’s a picture of the restaurant at least .

That’s a start right?




Written from Seoul, Westin on March 22, 2017


  1. Like the burger patty + steak combo. Don’t think I’ve seen it anywhere else, but hey, why not? 🙂 It’s been a while since I have steak for lunch. Trying to do meatless lunches during the week, but man I’m craving a good steak now:)

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