Firstly, don’t get confused.

There is a National Museum of Korea, and a National Palace Museum of Korea.  Two completely different museums. So do your damn research and choose one. Or if you have enough time do both =p

Personally I didn’t use to like going to museums. Thought it was a waste of time. Now I like museums. I like to be educated.

Or at least look educated. Another reason why I went to the museum? IT WAS FREE. WHATTTTTTTT. Free education? That’s how I was brought up! (Bad joke).

THIS PLACE WAS HUGE. Another surprise. Usually things that are huge are not free (=p). Mannn that’s good.


Good job government of Korea.

You know what was also really good?

The view that you get outside / around the museum.




I think I enjoyed walking around outside of the museum that in…just a tad bit more…haha.

But anyways. Here’s a message from the Director of the museum (from the website of course):

Visitors to the museum can understand and appreciate Korean history and culture through diverse experiences, events, and exhibitions. Our permanent collection offers a fascinating journey through thousands of years of history, from simple hand axes of the Paleolithic Age, to a splendid gold crown from the Three Kingdoms Period, exquisite celadon from the Goryeo Dynasty, masterful paintings from the Joseon Dynasty, and photographs from modern times. By immersing themselves in such captivating artifacts and artworks, visitors will understand the deep national pride that Koreans feel for their unique culture.

Appreciate I did.

As I read through the entire museum, I learned that the history of China and Korea is really intertwined. No wonder our cultures are so similar. Of course there are some unique aspects (like KBBQ.. so good I wished China had that).

There were a lot of Buddha statues. Interesting.



For some reason I have this perception that most Koreans are Christians.

But I guess historically Korea was more about Buddhism?

During my Sunday visit here, I saw a lot of children in groups with I guess their teachers / guide?? Ahhh….weekend field trip…..

I would have been so pissed if I had that though. My weekends is for me to watch cartoons and play. Not to learn!!

But good for these kids…and good for the parents too…day off haha.

Walked out of the museum, and saw these two old men just chilling and chatting. So nice. Will this be my life in 30 years? probably. I hope so.

I hope I can still walk and stand.


Snapped a picture of them chilling. I hope they don’t mind.

As I left I saw people lining up for another exhibit. huh? I thought this was free? Don’t tell me I have to pay now.

I would not have been impressed.


But good. I did not need to pay. These people were lining up for another exhibit in which you DID have to pay an entrance fee. The exhibit? Egyptian stuff… thanks..I will look at Egyptian stuff when I visit Egypt…although I heard it’s not safe for tourists right now….

Hopefully in several years it will be good?

Really easy to get to. Took the handy dandy metro (I think you get off at Incho Station). So yes, no excuse for not visiting this place…and again ITS FREE.








Written from Seoul, Coffee Brown Cafe on March 19, 2017


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