Old Dubai also known as Bur Dubai…..

…..also known as…not that old dubai?  When I am told something is “old” I am expecting:

  • animals roaming around
  • buildings falling apart
  • buildings made of wood
  • it will be dusty
  • it will be chaotic

So when we got to “old dubai” and I saw nothing of the above..I am like the hellllll is this shit??? If anything this place was super commercialized with all it’s souks selling us commercialized shit…like rugs…and t shirts saying I love dubai which I must say I was close to buying haha.

They were also selling cushions. I was contemplating of buying one..for like 5 seconds…my biggest concern was how the hell you clean this? Do I just wipe it with some disinfectant wipes? I am a guy..I am a total noob when it comes to cleaning..

#uae #dubai

We were coming from the spice / gold souks (very shit, see my other post about it). So we had to take a ferry to cross the Dubai Creek in order to go to the “Old Dubai”.
SUPER COOL. Definitely recommend all of you to take this boat ride…and a BIG PLUS is it’s only 1 Dirham..which is 27 cents US….haha get the hell out of here.

Really awesome ride. Really great views of the city.


#uae #dubai

#uae #dubai

#uae #dubai

Back to Bur Dubai. There is an area here that was “conserved”. And by conserved I wonder if they meant rebuilt because this shit was NEW AS F*CK.


WOWWWW….you are not so old actually..

#uae #dubai

#uae #dubai

#uae #dubai

#uae #dubai

Good place to kill 1 – 2 hours if you can stand the heat and sun. We went during prime time sun time which is around 1PM so yeah we were dying like we were trekking through the desert but I guess you can come later tooo…..we probably would have done that but we had another tour to go to that afternoon.

Bring lot’s of water.

#uae #dubai

#uae #dubai

#uae #dubai

#uae #dubai

#uae #dubai

#uae #dubai

Written from Hong Kong, Home on April 22, 2017

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11 replies

  1. I thought exactly the same! You’ve captured some fab pictures!

  2. I have just posted about Dubai as well… have a look! 😀

  3. Will definitely drop by to the old part of dubai on my trip next week. This post got me convinced! 🙂

  4. So true. i usually go there after sunset, when it’s not so hot. This is also when the shops are busiest. Though still difficult to escape the theme park feeling.

  5. My first thought looking at your pictures – SO CLEAN. Even the water is super blue ❤

  6. im planning a trip to dubai soon to visit a friend! will deffo have to take a trip here



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