Provence a wanna be french restaurant that really just serves Thai Food.


Why you brand yourself as a french restaurant when you clearly don’t serve anything french? Does it makes your restaurant look cooler and fancier? I am not even trying to shit on you, I just want to understand why.

You might already be wondering, if I am bitching about this restaurant already why come here? Well we were running out of lunch options near the office, so when we found this affordable “french restaurant” we said okay let’s do it.

The only “french” aspect of your restaurant is your small ass portions.

On the menu it says that they were famous for “boat noodles”, which is a thai style noodle dish. Famous you say? Alright well give me a try and I will tell you if it’s famous or not:
Yeah you are famous alright. Famous for being small as fuck. Maybe you should have told me I need to order 10 of these before I would get full. There is literally only 15 strands of noodle. The meat I thought was generous, but come on! It should be boat noodles!

Okay I just got educated by my colleagues. Apparently boat noodles are supposed to be small. But they also said the Provence boat noodles were smaller than usual. Wow. okay.



To be fair, I actually thought the flavor was quite good. My colleague thought it was TOO flavorful, but I had my handy dandy coconut water with me so all was well.



After I ate my lunch, I felt like I did not eat a lunch. So I ordered the Mango Sticky Rice. OKAY, now this was a good dish. You were generous with the portions, mango was super fresh, and the sticky rice was..well sticky.


You should brand yourself as a desert place, not a french restaurant.

Next time, I will come just for the desert. No thanks to lunch for me.


Written from Bangkok, Westin Grande on June 17, 2017

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