Wow what a disappointment. Mercato in Hong Kong.

Why the disappointment? Because the Mercato in Shanghai was simply the shit. The bomb. The awesomeness.

And unfortunately the Mercato in Hong Kong does not have any of the above. Such a disappointment. Sigh.

The pizza was the biggest disappointment of all.  The one in Shanghai was oven pizza (I think the same in the Hong Kong branch) but mannn there was not flavor or taste to the pizza. The dough was dry, the sauce..well there was no sauce. The meat had no flavor.

Overall a super fail.

The Shanghai one you must order pizza.

The Hong Kong one you should not.

This was a really shitty pizza.

And it was really small too.

Like come on…you got an stone oven…how do you fail so bad…

Decor was nice. Still not comparable to Shanghai, but it’s okay.

Not coming back!


Average Pork Dish




Not Good this pizza…….




Cool decor though



Written from Hong Kong, Home on February 12, 2017

Categories: Hong Kong

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4 replies

  1. That’s an oddly shaped pizza !

  2. That’s such a shame because all of the food looks really appetizing

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