Hong Kong


Short post here!

Finally had happy hour (long over due) with some friends at DiVino Bar.  Not sure what the happy hour deal was because I was drunk by the end of the session. Which is sad because it was a Wednesday and I had work the next day. Not a smart idea.

Now what IS SUPER AWESOME about this place is the free food that you get if you drink here. That’s right. All types of free starters, from smoked salmon to octopus to cheese to pizza etc etc.

Free food? Sign me up yo!

This place is located in Wan Chai and was not busy at all! Which is great don’t need to fight for a seat because you know, Hong Kong is lacking space everywhere. It’s not the cheapest place to have a drink, but yeah the free food. Can’t complain.

And hey its quiet so if you want to have lovely conversations well then this is the place to be.

I only ordered Gin and Soda because that’s the drink of choice for me. No sugar, less calories = awesome times. Di Vino has a couple of other restaurants around the area, so I might check it out based on this experience.

That’s all I have to share! Short post I know!

Free food


Artistic Shots


Drinks and Food

Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 9 2017

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