Hong Kong


Oh man I was so sick this one day.

Stomach was just all over the place, wouldn’t cooperate, wanted to throw up like crazy, but couldn’t etc. Took a day off and was bed ridden the entire day.  So why did I still go to a steakhouse? Because I need to take my life boss out!

Yeah seriously, I toughed out my flu like symptoms and ate a steak like a boss. Life boss should buy me something for being such a man.

We wanted to try this steakhouse called La Vache for quite some time (like two weeks), and because life boss was going away to Sydney and I was going to be gone on a business trip for two weeks, I said f*ck my stomach let’s go eat some steak.

Life boss didn’t stop me.

So the first and probably most important thing you need to know about this place is that the fries ARE UNLIMITED.


That’s right. All you can eat fries. Not good for my low carb diet but I am not gonna say no to fries. Especially when it’s delicious fries. The server kept serving us fries whenever our plates were empty.

Good on ya. Good service!

You don’t get to choose the type of steak.

There’s only one type. I can’t tell you which one because I didn’t ask nor was it written on the menu. Give me a break I was on the verge of throwing everything up.  Steak portions were pretty good, though it was a bit tough . Can’t complain as this place is damn cheap. Like 300HKD per person cheap.



Also comes with complimentary bread and salad but that’s boring. I gave my salad away to Life Boss because I didn’t want to eat any raw stuff. Did not want to risk throwing up at the bar, which I have done once in my life.

It was not fun and never again.

So steak was average, unlimited fries were fucking awesome, good service, good atmosphere, and for a price of 300HKD I will definitely come back again. Seriously steaks in Hong Kong usually cost you your liver so yeah it’s a good deal.

Only shitty thing that night was when a bunch of hooligans got drunk and started screaming like it was their first time eating steak or something. Man if you can’t hold your liquor then go to a bar or club don’t do that at a restaurant.









Written from Hong Kong, CX Airport Lounge on June 11, 2017


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