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freycinet tomboloFreycinet National Park was a “must-do” for us on our trip. I have visited the park a few years before and have fond memories of the place so I was eager to go again.

The 3 hour drive from Hobart to Freycinet was beautiful with lots of picturesque scenery and cute little towns. A word of warning though – there was a LOT of road kill on the Tassie roads.

We made an unexpected pit stop at the Devils Corner vineyard for some coffee and wine tasting. Per the Google search, the coffee was supposed to be top-notch. I was severely disappointed, a bit too bland for my liking.

The wines made up for the poor coffee and we ended up purchasing a few bottles from the cellar door (pinot noir was my personal fav).

Forgot to mention … the views weren’t too shabby either!

Freycinet devils corner

Of course we had to stop for more seafood at Freycinet Marine Farm. The oysters were pretty good although I did prefer the Bruny Island one’s which were sweeter and creamier.

freycinet oysters

The spicy tomato sauce complimented the mussels really well

Freycinet mussels

The garlic butter scallops were divine. Looking at this is making me drool

freycinet scallops

No marine farm would be complete without a cutie coming to say ‘hi’

Freycinet friend

Next stop was Wineglass Bay. We worked off all the food by doing the short hike to the lookout. Unfortunately the trail down to the beach was closed this time. The views from the lookout were nice but didn’t do it justice. From my previous trip, I remembered the sand was some of the finest and whitest I have seen and touched.


Last stop on the trip was Sleepy Bay, aptly named as it was very peaceful and quiet.


If you get a chance to visit, I recommend spending a couple of days here to explore all the little beaches. One day was just too short!

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