Lunch time around the office!………………

We were sick of the food in the mall so decided to venture out! Ventured out and saw this french restaurant called Bistro Du Vin. 

Not a big french restaurant guy, but meh nothing else caught our eyes so fuck it, let’s just go in and roll the dice.

Rolling the dice in this restaurant
Cool decor

Sat down and immediately thought hey, this is some cool ass decor! You don’t like it?? I don’t know…looks cool to me…

For food I ordered the salmon + scrambled eggs, and roasted chicken:

Salmon, Scrambled Eggs
Roasted chicken

I loved the scrambled egg + salmon dish. Fucking good. Eggs done just right!

The roasted chicken? Not bad, not super good either. It was alright. I thought some parts of it was raw….but..I ate it anyhow haha.

Entrance of the restaurant
Cool angle

I like this angle…………..

I don’t know why. I guess that’s what makes it “art”. i.e shit I think looks good but you probably are thinking what the hell is this shit.

Meh. Whatever.

Given the limited food options around the office, this one ain’t too shabby!

Written from Singapore, Pan Pacific on November 22, 2017


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