We jogged in Macau.

Because why the fuck not. Need to be healthy from all the food we have been eating.

We jogged and we jogged and we ended at the A-Ma Temple.  A Ma….sounds like a mother in Cantonese haha.I think the temple is about this water goddess that used to look after the Macau ports.

Don’t quote me on it because I didn’t do any googling so I could be wayyyyyy off base.

Question: What does a Chinese temple have a lot of?


It has a lot of incense. Like a typical chinese temple. And a lot of these red things that I think gives you good luck if you buy it?

I don’t believe in buying good luck so I didn’t get anything. I do pray sometimes (not religiously) but yeah I don’t think money is the way to go to buy God’s love for you.

Nice, calm little place. Come if you have time to kill!

Entrance of temple
Ground Picture
not so artistic picture

Written from Hong Kong, Home on October 6, 2017

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