We fucking missed our train to Shantou…

Why? Because traveling in China is a total bitch. We left home 4 hours before departure time and still got fucked royally. Couple of reasons why we got screwed:

  • Customs took forever (1 hour min)
  • It was a holiday in Hong Kong
  • Shenzhen North station is a chaos

Needless to say it was damn stressful getting there.

So how did we get there without a train? We paid a driver 2000rmb…yep…haha but what money can solve is not really a problem right?

On the plus side we were able to eat some kick ass local food at  长平老姿娘夜粥. Want the english name? Sorry can’t help you…the internet does not provide such information but if you do find it please let me know! Just know this is a great restaurant that provides local food and local atmosphere!

The unique part of this restaurant is that to order, you literally point out the dishes you want to the server. But that’s the least of your worries. First thing that came to my mind was……

Is the food clean?




I am not too sure….I mean the food has been sitting outside for a while……but MEH! Whatever! You are in China! Time to eat some dirty food yo!

We ordered a lot of food.




This includes seafood, because that’s what Chaozhao people like to eat. Why? Why the fuck not? Okay it’s partly because they are close to the port so naturally there’s a lot of fish around.

Not a big seafood person myself but have to try this shit out and man was it ever FRESH.

Was a bit worried about the oysters in the beginning, but I lived on without any issues so it was good too.

Fucking good dinner period.

But we were still hungry, so we ordered some authentic chaozhou congee.


What was so good about the congee? The rice was still solid, not mushy like the ones in Hong Kong. Not a big fan of congee but this definitely hit the spot. Mix in with some of the vegetables / meat and BAM you have an awesome meal on your hands.

This restaurant is in the heart of the very busy street called Changping road.

Might be a bit dirty but the food is worth the diarrhea (hah!)

Entrance of the restaurant

Written from Hong Kong, Home on April 2, 2018

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