Small ass meal portions……………..

That’s my kryptonite when going to a restaurant.

I hate it when after a meal I am not full nor am I hungry. I am stuck in the middle.

Should I order more food? No, I get stressed if I can’t finish the damn meal. Not to mention Life Boss will kick my ass afterwards and lecture me about over ordering again.


Please restaurants in the future serve proper portions.

And Reem Al Bawadi, not only are you small but your food is just average. I am sorry but it’s the truth.

We ordered Shawarma, fries, Meat Platter etc……………..






All of which were average. Nothing like wow I am going to get out of my seat and blog the hell out of this place right away kind of restaurant.

The tagline on the restaurant website says “Best Arabic Restaurant in Dubai”. Errrrr. If that is true then Dubai must have a lot of shit tasting restaurants.

So your tagline is fail. I call bullshit on it.

The only reason why you want to come here is for the view. Nice view of the marine. Especially at night.



It was very quiet too. So kind of a good break from the city.

But just do drinks. Fuck the food. Grab some grub before coming. Get full first. Otherwise you are going to regret this meal.


A quote from their menu: “Our food is fresh, authentic, exotic etc….”

Bullshit. Next.

…Interesting. Per google you can actually franchise this fucker? Damn.

You also have quite a bit of locations around the middle east too.

Interesting….have I judged you wrong?


I am never wrong.



Written from Dubai, Sheraton Grand on April 19 2017

Categories: Dubai

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