I hate small ass meals.

I have made this known previously in my Dubai post. I am still hungry, not satisfied, I get angry.

Not a very pleasant dining experience.

But like all shitty things in life, the small ass meal phenomenon was bound to happen again and this time, it happened at a restaurant called Mingalabar in Mandalay.



I had high hopes for this restaurant.

Life boss raved about it. Online reviews raved about it.

Hell even the name of the restaurant is creative (Mingalaba means Hi in Burmese).

And it did start off well, with the side dishes.

  • Good portions of side dishes, Couldn’t tell you what we had because I don’t remember. But it was quite tastyUntitled

Good start right?

Then came our mains, one chicken and one lamb dish. Man was I disappointed.

  • Argh. Two pieces of chicken!? The fuck? Enough for me or life boss? Well the answer to that is NEITHER.  Untitled
  • The lamb (one on top left). Again, two pieces!? What the fuck is this shit! Who is getting full from this? Why th waitress not tell me about this shit?!Untitled

Sigh. Disappointment.

Not Impressed

I mean the food was tasty.

Just the portions didn’t hack it for me. Seriously, 4 pieces of meat in total!? Am I missing something here? Are we supposed to eat more rice and the meat is just a side dish itself as well?

We were not that happy.

Then the waiter had the audacity to ask if we liked our meal, and if we wanted to take a picture.

Well, we didn’t want to make a scene and truth be told the food wasn’t bad, so we forced a smile and took this picture.


Quite awkward I must say.

We left the restaurant not full. We actually wanted to get more food but didn’t know where else to get it. At least Life Boss didn’t get hangry, she would have destroyed everything in her way and our night would have been ruined.


We did notice something though. All the restuarnats were serving the same size food portions, even to the locals! So maybe it’s not really the restaurant’s fault. People here just eat small portions.

No wonder they are so damn skinny here!

No more small ass portions please!



Written from Hong Kong, Mira Moon on June 11, 2018


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