I was offered a free hotel buffet on my last day in Bangkok.

So, if you were offered the same deal what would you do?

Would you choose to eat a free hotel buffet?

Or go out and find some delicious local food?

If you choose the first option then get the hell out of here!

Not Impressed

Why would you eat an American buffet man!?

Still not buying it?

These are several reasons why you should say fuck it to the hotel buffet:

  • You traveled all the way to Bangkok to eat some American Style Buffet? Screw that shit!
  • It’s Bangkok, the food is not expensive to begin with
  • I love Thai food, why am I eating American food?
  • I was craving papaya salad
  • There was this restaurant called  Somtam that I wanted to try

Points for why I SHOULD go eat at the free hotel buffet:

  • It’s free

Needless to say this was an easy decision to make.


I said fuck you to the buffet, and ventured off to Somtam near the Central Embassy mall!

Arrived and this restaurant was PACKED.


That’s gotta be a good sign right?  Means I am about to eat some delicious food right?

AND it was packed with locals, not stupid tourists like myself that don’t know where the good local restaurants.

At least that’s what I hope.

Also, as mentioned earlier in this post I was craving papaya salad MAD! Coincidentally, this restaurant’s name Som Tam means Papaya salad in Thai. PERFECT. Give me that right now!

  • I really like papaya salads. It’s so refreshing. Makes me want to eat even more! Not good for my waist line though. And THIS papaya salad was no different. Damn delicious. Untitled
  • This pork bone soup was damn spicy. Sweating like a pig while eating it. But it was damn delicious.Not too oily too which is great for the stomach. No morning explosions for me! Haha … too graphic yes…Untitled
  • Soup and a salad ain’t going to fill this guy up. So I ordered the pork belly as well. Fucking love pork belly. Delicious shit in my stomach.Untitled

This was a damn fantastic meal.


One I would not have been able to devour if I chose to be cheap and eat in the free buffet.

I hope those that took up the decision to eat at the free hotel buffet (i.e my EX colleagues) learn from their mistakes.




Written from Hong Kong, Home on September 28, 2017

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