Hong Kong


Choi doesn’t like to share food.

That’s why I never really liked tapas.

I mean what’s to like about tapas?

The over priced small ass portions?

The ability to cut a cube of beef into 10 equal portions?

Fuck that.

So when Life Boss and a pregger friend said let’s try Ham and Sherry a tapas restaurant, I thought fuck! Not this sharing shit again!

fuck that
But what Life boss and Pregger friends want, they get.

So…why do girls like to share food so much?

Curiosity got the better of me, so I googled “why girls like to share food”.

A billion results came out, with one article that caught my eye.

“A couple looks more involved when nibbling the same food” – livescience.com



Apparently to the outside world you look “closer” with your s/o when you share food.

The article continues to say something about how sharing your fucking germs and spit with the S/O, makes you look closer.

I see.

I guess that’s why life boss loves to share, because she’s all about “emotional connections”.

Well……I am pretty sure to the outside world we are not emotionally connecting when we are trying to tear a delicious suckling pig apart!

  • This suckling pig is HUGE! This picture does not do it justice. We almost couldn’t finish it but luckily for us Choi is here so no worries, all food will be finished. This was a good start to the meal. We knew more awesome sauce was coming our way!Untitled

Second article – Sharing food makes you a better person – Time



How the hell does sharing food make me a better person?

Apparently, when you are forced to share food it promotes cooperation, and how to distribute portions so that you can promote equality and fairness.

Equality and fairness?

You think I will be planning how to distribute “evenly” these damn brussel sprouts to life boss, pregger friends and me (though they were damn awesome). No! I give mostly to them yo! If anything, it teaches me to give shit that I don’t want to other people.

  • These were some fine brussel sprouts. Untitled

You agree more – NPR.Org

Similar to the first point, by eating the same food you are building trust with each other. By sharing the same food maybe it tricks us unconsciously to trust and agree with each other’s perspective, opinions more?

Yeah I don’t know about the psychological effects of sharing food, but it was true that we did not disagree about the deliciousness of our next two dishes!

  • This Paella was so good. We didn’t didn’t disagree about that. Untitled
  • Short ribs. No disagree on how to divide them. It’s already in three portions!Untitled

So I guess I should correct my behavior and share more.

And I’ll try to be more appreciative of these “bonding” moments next time.

Maybe it’s a guy thing, we are just wired to wanting our own entrees. Like if I want to eat a fucking delicous Chorizo burger at Ham and Sherry’s, I should be able to do it!

  • These were pretty goodUntitled

This was good learning session for me!

Huge gin and tonic

Written from Hong Kong, Home on December 7, 2017

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