Wait, what the fuck is a Hawker Center?

It’s the Singaporean version of a food court aka a place of delicious food. I personally LOVE food courts.

However like all things in life, there will always be shitty hawker centers just waiting to disappoint you.

Well, if you want to avoid a shitty eating experience then you must go to my favorite one of all time, THE MAXWELL FOOD CENTER!


However, you should take my recommendations with a grain of salt since I AM a tourist.

But then again, I did go with le father and he’s pretty picky with his food. So you can be rest assured the food here is good with le father’s stamp of approval.

Back to my story. When we arrived at the center we were SUPER excited about the numerous food stalls here!!



Like shit! What should we eat!? Everything is so cheap here, from 3 – 5 SGD per dish. Argh. What to eat, what to eat.

Luckily for us, Choi actually did some fucking research ahead of time (I know right?).

wow really

Per the interweb, there is one DISH THAT YOU MUST GET HERE. If you don’t then you will definitely regret it.

What is this dish?

It’s the Hainanese Chicken rice from Tian Tian!









Oh my god, how do I even begin to explain this deliciousness?

Okay to start off, the chicken was sooooo smooth (is that the right adjective to describe a chicken?). It was soooooo juicy. It was sooooo fucking good.

Secondly, the rice is so damn flavorful. Even Anthony Bourdain (American Chef) commented how kick ass this place is.

Mix these two together and its heaven in my mouth.


But here’s a tip. Don’t be a dumbass like me and order a large chicken.

A large can feed an entire village.


Just look at the size of this bad ass!


Seriously get a medium otherwise everyone will look at you like a disgusting pig devouring an entire animal.

But of course, we still finished it =)

After devouring the chicken you would think we would be full. Nah, we ordered more fucking here because we are BOSS!

More food that we ordered that night!

  • Random fish soup that the father got. He loves his fish soup. Untitled
  • Oyster Egg Pancake. Damn delicious. Can’t go wrong with the pancake + oyster combination. Untitled
  • Some carrot dish. My favorite. Untitled

I love you Maxwell.

You are full of delicious food.

Highly recommend this to everyone that is visiting Singapore!

Now, getting here was also quite simple.

Get off at the Chinatown station, exit A.

Next, fire up google maps, and put in “Maxwell Food Centre”.  You will find it soon enough.

wow really

Okay to make it more easy for you, walk down the street from exit A till you can’t anymore.

Then turn right.

Then walk until you see a sign for Maxwell (about 2 blocks down).

Not Impressed

Yeah that’s the best I can do. Google that shit if you still can’t find it.

Written from  Singapore, Pan Pacific Hotel on November 20, 2017

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