Hey boys.

Have you ever experienced a time when you had lunch / dinner with your female counterpart, and she decides to start picking at your food?

Ever experienced a time when she liked your dish so much that she just takes your fucking dish and eats it herself?

If you said no then get the fuck out because you will not understand Choi’s pain!


Okay, so let met give you some context first.

It was our last day in Yangon. It’s been a grueling 4 – 5 days, with all the walking, biking, sight seeing.

So we decided to end this epic trip with a good, Italian meal? Recommended by my uncle, we decided to go to L’Opera Italian restaurant . Since my uncle is a boss I know this was gonna be a really good meal.


Sat down and we proceeded to order two pastas. Because, we are in a Italian restaurant so it only makes sense to order pasta .

  • I ordered the lasagna. My god this was so good. So cheesy, so meaty. Just like how a proper Lasagna should be. Really liked it, quite possibly one of the best pastas we’ve had in awhile.Untitled
  • Life boss pesto sauce pasta. Not sure why she likes vegetarian pastas. There is no meat to this shit. How can this be delicious? This is what was going on in my mind while she was eating it. But she generally seemed to like it…or so I thoughtUntitledUntitled

The meal started off well.

With both of us complimenting the food. Really can’t go wrong. Then life boss said this:

Life Boss: “Can I have some of your pasta”. 

I immediately got scared.


How do I respond? If I said yes then she would start eating my food. CHOI HATES SHARING FOOD>

But if I said no, I would get my ass kicked.


My ass has been sore lately from all the beating I have been taking from Life Boss. So reluctantly I said “Yes, go ahead dear.

Disaster begins.


She starts picking at my food.

Starts telling me how good my lasagna was.

She didn’t stop picking at my food. 

At this point I am like fuck, what should I do? Do I tell her to stop eating my food? But I gotta be a gentlemen right? Plus I want to get lucky that day. So maybe I shouldn’t piss her off. But I hate sharing food! Especially when it a damn delicious plate of lasagna.

Then I looked down at the table again and saw this shit.


My lasagna was gone.

I am now eating the Pesto Sauce Pasta.


Choi: “er life boss ,can I have my pasta back”.

Life Boss stares at me, gives me one of these looks:


I tried to gather my thoughts, tried to explain in a coherent, polite, calm manner why I would like my lasagna back.

That I am hungry for meat…

wait what happened?


She finished my lasagna?!

What the fuck is going on!

How did she eat so fast!?

How did I miss it?

My god. Now I have to eat the shitty pesto sauce pasta.


Guys, what do you do when your significant other starts to steal your food, and actually commits blasphemy by finishing the whole damn dish?

Please let me know, because I am out of solutions.

I can not let this happened again.

We ordered other food but I am too depressed to go into details now.


That delicious bolognese lasagna that I did not get to finish….

Creme Brulee that was not heated up. Fail
Ordered a tiramisu after the creme brulee fail. Wasn’t that good either.
Tomato Soup. Something that Life boss liked and did not share with me.
My delicious mushroom soup. Something life boss also picked at.


Written from Kandy, Earl’s Regency on June 16, 2018


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