The tomb of Khai Dinh Emperor

This was the only tomb that we visited in Hue. It’s also the last tomb of the Nguyen Dynasty. Yes that was what I just googled haha.

It also doesn’t really seem like a tomb? More like a museum? A museum where the king is buried? I don’t know, I always though a tomb would have lots of treasure and spooky ass shits.

So why did you come here Choi?

The reason why we chose this tomb was because per life boss “it’s beautiful”.


wow really

NOT really sure if this is a beautiful tomb. Or maybe because I was tired as fuck (just landed that day), and it was raining a shit storm. Probably ruined it a bit. But yeah, was not to impressed with the tomb.

What was more interesting was when I googled to learn more about the King Khai Dinh. Apparently people did not like him at all!

Let me share with you why!


# 1 – His policies

Khai Dinh became the ruler on May 18, 1916 and indicated he wanted to restore value and prestige to the Vietnamese empire and country. This didn’t work out too well though because his policies were closely in lined with the French occupiers, meaning everything had to appease to the French colonizers. He also opposed any independence within the country.


Reason # 2 – De Facto Puppet Figurehead

He was ultimately viewed as a de facto puppet figurehead for the french colonial rulers which made him very unpopular with the Vietnamese people.

Yeah that’s a good way to get people pissed at you.


Reason # 3 – He raised taxes to build his own tomb.

He apparently lived in luxury while the locals were taxed heavily by the french. There was even a play wrote about him called the “The Bamboo dragoon” which basically made fun of him being all rich and luxurious while bowing down to the french government.

In 1923 he allowed the French occupiers to raise taxes on the Vietnamese people, partially to pay for his tomb.


Wow. This guy seemed to not a do a lot of good shit for the Vietnamese people. Not very popular with the locals either is what I seen on google.

So why still keep a tomb erected in his memory?


Any Vietnamese friends here?

Can you shed some light about what you thought about this emperor?

Let me know in the comments below!


Written from Nuwara Eliya, Heritance Tea Factory on June 17, 2018

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