I finally had a night to myself in Shanghai.

I have been eating with my colleagues every day, which is cool.

But at times, Choi just wants to have some alone time.

Choi you emo as fuck


Fuck you.

I am not trying to be emo. Nor trying to be a loner.

I just like eating by myself sometimes.

I can order whatever I want, drink whatever I desire, and don’t need to share. Also don’t have to care about “budget” since I won’t expense 100% of the meal anyways, I can order like a boss and just not give a fuck about anything else.


I also like to look sophisticated while eating by myself, so Italian restaurants are a natural choice. Went on Baidu (fuck that shit) and saw Atto Primo as a good candidate.

It was by the bund, and offered pizza. Looks good to me!


Wow, Atto Primo is opened by Yums?!


The same Yums brand that opens KFC and Pizza hut?! When the fuck did they get into the fine dining scene?

The pizza here better not be fucking Pizza Hut style!

And thankfully, it wasn’t =)

  • Ordered the Pizza Mozzarella + Ham + Tomato sauce because fuck low carb diets! Hah nah just joking. Still a serious advocate of low carb diets. But I just love pizza too much. I mean how can you not eat this beauty:Untitled
  • Since I wanted to look sophisticated and sexy I ordered the beef tar tar. Pretty damn good too! Quite impressed with Yum’s fine dining restaurant (that just doesn’t sound right!). UntitledUntitled

Only one meme can describe this meal:


Side Rant:

I got a cab to come to the restaurant because how the fuck am I going to get here.

But this motherfucking cab driver wouldn’t drop me off at the entrance. That asshole made me walk 2 minutes. It was raining cats and dogs. Gosh, I had China cabs so much, I hope Uber / Didi fucking takes over and you all go to hell because you guys act like you are the shit but you really aren’t.


Cool table
Cool Bar

Written from Hong Kong, Home on March 14, 2018


  1. The food & the interior look amazing. Glad you have been having more company thesedays, at least for mealtimes. But you’re right, there’s nothing wrong with a little alone time if that makes you feel better.

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