We visited a dear friend in Erlangen, Germany.

Erlangen where?

Yep it’s a small town in Germany, two hour drive from Frankfurt (two hour on the fucking awesome autobahn)!.

It’s a really nice town to be honest, small, chilled.

The food is good too! They brought us to this very cool restaurant called Polster which was one of their favorite restaurants, and per online it’s supposed to be pretty good too!

Excited we hopped into their crazy, big car and drove to this nice little restaurant.


Sat down and was told the Schnitzel is damn good.

Easy! Done!

Give me some schnitzel please!



The germans really know how to make good schnitzels. Life boss should make me some good schnitzel at home!

But life boss response will be “how come you never cook huh?”.

Yes. Best to not get into that conversation.

Life boss got some other dish that I don’t remember, but it was also good.


To end the meal off we ordered schnapps.


What the hell is Schnapps?

Per google:

“Schnaps is a type of alcoholic beverage that may take several forms, including distilled fruit brandies, herbal liqueurs, infusions, and “flavored liqueurs” made by adding fruit syrups, spices, or artificial flavorings to neutral grain spirits.”


We ordered it to try, and man the waiter brought this huge ass bottle of schnapps out!




Good food, good company, good times.

This was a great restaurant! Hope you all get to visit Erlangen some point in your life!




Written from Hong Kong, Home on July 18, 2018


  1. I was searching for posts about Erlangem and saw this post. 😂 I’ve been to Erlangen twice but I haven’t tried this. We should have asked a nice place to go to. 😂
    We would always end up in the zentrum and ate from the chinese take-out boxes whenever we craved for rice or bought some ingredients in the grocery and tried to cook something close to german sometimes. 😂

      1. Haha not bad. It was justifiable for a rice-in-a-box food. I think the name was Enjoy. As an asian, it was the only available go-to for rice. Fried rice with noodles-a whooping 28euros and we bought it because we just couldn’t go on for days with just bread, potatoes and meat. 😂😂

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