We had a hot spring vacation at Imperial Springs in Guangzhou.


Which was damn relaxing and fun! Imperial Springs is one of the finest hot springs resorts you will find ANYWHERE.

In China? Really Choi?

That’s right! In CHINA of all places.

Crazy to think this communist country has such a luxurious resort to offer right?

I was definitely surprised AND impressed when I got there.


Apparently Bill Clinton was among the many leaders that have visited resort before. Damn, pretty cool.

Means I am bathing in the same water as a former president.

Feeling so boss now.


So what exactly are hot springs?

They are a natural body of water that is warmed by geothermal energies. What the fuck are geothermal energies?  Basically energy / heat from the Earth’s crust.

The temperature of the hot spring is dependent on:

  • the depth
  • the rate which water flows
  • exposure to the cooler, ground water

So basically this is just hot water right now?!

What the fuck is the big deal?


Looked into Livestrong and found the following benefits:

Benefits # 1 – Boosts Blood Circulation

The water in the hot springs contains many minerals, which your skin soaks in. Also the more you bathe, the increase in blood circulation and oxygen flow. This is not only beneficial to your heart, but to your vital organs too.

So this is healthy, you should bathe more in hot springs. Just like what life boss is doing:


Benefits # 2 – It promotes sleep by reducing sleep

Ever feel a lot better after taking a hot shower or bathe? Well similar concept here when you bathe in a hot spring.

The only difference between your damn bath tub and the hot springs is there are minerals in the hot springs, which contributes to your overall psychology wellness.

So if you are going crazy then you should go to a hot spring and soak the fuck up.


Benefits # 3 – Relieves Pain

This one is definitely for Choi. His ass is constantly being kicked by Life boss, so yeah I was very curious to read about this point.


There was a study done that shows hot baths (i.e. hot springs) provides relief for chronic muscle pain and arthritis.

Makes sense. Everyone I do sports (hah! sports..) I always feel a lot better taking a hot shower.

To smooth out my big ass muscles.

Life boss loves my muscles.


Benefits # 4 – Solves Skin Problems

Mineral rich hot spring water can relieve certain skin conditions, such as eczema.Wow, apparently eczema affects up to 15% of Americans and Canadians. Didn’t know it was that common in North America.Anyways, the high “silica” content in hot springs helps soften dry, rough skin. what the fuck is silica?It’s an oxide of “silicon”.
thefuckChoi is no scientist so fuck this shit.It just helps with your skin.Which I can attest to. My skin was smooth like a baby’s ass afterwards.

I really enjoyed bathing in the hot springs at Imperial Springs.

It doesn’t hurt that we were practically the only people in the resort. So we had the whole hot springs to ourselves.

We think the place was empty because:

  1. It’s expensive as fuck
  2. It was a Wednesday
  3. It’s far as fuck
  4. It’s hot as fuck

Think a combination of the above four contributed to the emptiness of the resort.

But can’t complain, it was like we had our own private hot springs. BAM!

Had a great time here, bathed a lot, skin was a lot smoother. LOVE HOT SPRINGS.

Hope the benefits above persuaded you to try it next time.




Written from Hong Kong, Garden View Hotel on May 8, 2018

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