Hong Kong


A quick search on google of “Best Pizza in Hong Kong” will result in 208 Duecento Otto.

And as an avid pizza lover, you know I was intrigued about consuming some delicious pizza here.

Add to the fact that we had an important VIP of Italian descent dining with us, it was a no brainer that we come to  208 Duecento Otto! 



And the pizza was indeed damn delicious!

  • What makes a great pizza for Choi? Well, it has to be cheesy, has meat, crust is chewy, and pizza needs to be piping hot! All of which this delicious Diavola has!UntitledUntitled

Even life boss got pizza so you know this shit is good.

Why Choi?

Because Life Boss is not a big fan of pizza, for whatever reason.


As I am doing more research about this 208 Duecento Otto, I came across something interesting, as quoted from their website:

Aspects of the pizza here is that each pizza is made to the specifications of the “Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.”


What the fuck is the “Associazione Verace Pizza Naploletana”?

The True Neapolitan Pizza Association (Associazione Verace Pizza napoletana,AVPN) is a non-profit organization and was founded in June 1984 in Naples with its legal and operational headquarters. Its mission is to promote and protect in Italy and worldwide the true Neapolitan pizza – source

WOW. I didn’t know there was an association for pizza!

The specifications of a true”Neapolitan pizza” includes using only buffalo mozzarella from Campana. They must also be kneaded manually without use of a rolling pin. The crust is to be raised with dark golden color.


No wonder the pizza here is fucking good. They have a damn association looking over their pizza!!

I still can’t believe there is an organization for pizza…

I am very impressed with the pizza here. We were all not disappointed, so Choi recommends this place for EVERYONE!

Now, pictures of other food that we ordered:

  • Damn fresh Burrata. Love Burrata. Though portions were a bit small….but meh good for my waist line. Untitled
  • Fresh calamari.. Freshly made, can’t beat this shitUntitled


Written from Toronto, Home on February 29, 2018


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