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Haven’t written with you for awhile. I went overboard with my posts last year when we took 2 months off. So hopefully this post gets to see sunlight before 2019 is done. Not even exaggerating, I have about 70 drafts still left to go and my scheduled posts is going all the way to July already.

Anyhow, enough blab. As my blog continues to evolve, so has my approach to writing. Going forward this will be more of a diary / memory keepsake for me, because Lord knows my memory is shit now. Aging probably. For this particular post, I want to blog about my experience eating at Wilbur!


Life boss, myself and a couple of friends decided to come here because there were some great reviews. Life boss and I also see a huge ass lineup whenever we walk pass. Note – Life boss and I tried this restaurant previously but I never blogged about it. So thank goodness we came back again because this place is delicious!


DSC08847One of the best things about this place is that it’s super no frills. Meaning you go up to the counter, order your food, and then find your own seat. In other words, no tips needed! I have my own personal opinion regarding tipping but that’s for another blog post, for another day.

Wilbur is a Mexican restaurant, so naturally we ordered Mexican food.

wow reallyWe started off with the Unoriginal Taco, Bulgogi Taco, and Chicken Quesadillas. I previously had the Burrito, that’s why I didn’t order it this time around. In my opinion, the taco and quesadillas were much better than Burrito. That is, until we ordered the Steak Fajitas (Yes we were still hungry). Now THAT WAS DAMN DELICIOUS.





Well this is a fail. Turns out I didn’t take any photos of the Tacos. Oops Sorry! You guys just will have to come and try it out.


Written from Toronto, Home on March 31, 2019


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