This is so weird.

I swear I wrote about this beef noodle restaurant (Mei Nung) in Toronto before. Yet when it didn’t show up when I searched my site. So weird. This is one of my favorite places to eat in Toronto yet I didn’t write about it! What a fail Choi! Never fear though, as Choi brings his camera everywhere. So after getting a haircut at First Markham Place, I decided to go eat beef noodles at Mei Nung. That’s when I realized I never blogged about this place, so I immediately whipped out my camera and took photos!





The reason why I like these noodles so much is because of the soup base. It’s so flavorful. Now life boss told me that this was not as good the beef noodles in Taiwan. No shit Life Boss. Of course the noodles in Taiwan is better! There is a reason why it’s called Taiwanese Beef Noodles. Duh. Okay I better stop before I get my ass kicked.

Another reason why I like it is because the beef is so damn tender. Not tough at all. That is a good indicator the beef is of good quality.

Finally, the last reason why I like eat here is simply, because the noodles is fucking good! It’s called El-dente?? Or some shit like that? Yes it was good.

Wow I literally complimented each part of the phrase Taiwanese Beef Noodles…haha so skilled.


I also took a couple other photos. Nothing really special about it. The first one is free advertisement for Coca Cola. The second is a picture of an empty table. Yes. I didn’t now what else to take a picture of. Mmmm. Why did I not take a picture of the front of the restaurant? I have no idea.

Sometimes I get amazed at my own stupidity. 

Love these noodles!



Written from Toronto, Home on May 10, 2019


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