We were bleeding in Myanmar.


Yes. We fell off the scooter while driving around Bagan.

We didn’t break anything. But we were bleeding.  We were in pain. 

So what does life boss take us to replenish some badly needed blood?

To a vegetarian restaurant (Khaing Shwe Wha). 



Sometimes I feel like Life Boss just wants to end my life in the worse way possible.

But as I started to research “What to eat after you bleed”, there was a couple of food groups that you should eat which surprisingly included vegetables!

Maybe Life Boss is on to something…but for future references, these are the type of food you should eat after bleeding (according to

# 1 – Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables and fruits gives you Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Actually come to think of it, I am not sure what the importance of vitamins are.

LoL, god I am such a dumbass.


But I assume it’s essential to a healthy body.

So did we end up eating a lot of vegetables there?

Um no. We ordered spring roll and noodles….Life Boss really wants to kill me.

  • This delicious vegetable noodle soup was for Life Boss. She didn’t really like it. But I did. So we decided to swap main dishes. It’s also good for my body because AT least there was some green vegetables in there. I lost blood! Give me vegetables (hah! Said Choi never). Untitled

# 2 – Eat Grains, Nuts

Grains and peanuts helps replenish iron and vitamin B that you need to after losing blood. Again not sure what these Vitamins do but I am sure it’s important for me to replenish them. So that’s why I ordered the peanut curry rice.

Peanut + rice must be good for me.

Too bad after a couple bites life boss took it away from me. She said mine looked better.

Life boss! I need to replenish my blood!


  • This was a very unique dish. Never had a peanut curry and white rice before. Even though I only had a couple of bites, this was a damn delicious dish. So far I am really impressed with this vegetarian restaurant. Untitled

# 3 – Dairy

Dairy products contains Vitamin B – 1 and B – 12.

What the fuck is B – 1 and B – 12? Subsets of Vitamin B? I don’t know. Whatever.

We did not order Dairy for this meal because every time Choi eats Dairy he shits like a motherfucker. If there is one thing that is worse than bleeding, is shitting your ass off. That is not a good feeling whatsoever.


What we did order, was spring rolls. Which probably does not help our body heal what so ever. But at least it tasted good.

  • Crunchy spring rolls. That’s all you can ask for. Another good dish here. Untitled

I did feel a lot better after this meal.

So I guess the food that we ate sort of helped? This is good for future references, because Lord knows Choi is going to bleed a lot more going forward (either from his stupidity or from Life Boss’ physical abuses).

Also, this is one of the better vegetarian restaurants I have had. Probably should have labeled this post as a “Best Vegetarian Restaurant” but eh, it’s more fun learning about what to eat after falling off a scooter and bleeding your ass off.

Try not to fall off a scooter next time though future Choi.



Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 12, 2018

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