I love Korean BBQ.

And I LOVE Galbi.

Wait Choi, what the fuck is Galbi. 

Let me educate you.

Galbi is the korean word for beef ribs.



Yeah, you probably could have googled that easily to find the answer.

There are a lot of good Galbi places around, but one of the BEST Galbi restuarants in Seoul is called Yeonnam Seo Sikdang Galbi!



Per time out, this is the original stand up BBQ Beef Rib Restaurant

Being around for over 60 years, this unique restaurant requires you to grill your beef ribs while standing up.

The whole experience was pretty unique, because how often do you get to cook kick ass beef galbi on a barrel of gas?

Not much places I can tell you.

And….it probably doesn’t hurt that we had 3 big bottles of beer too.

All you can order here are the beef ribs.

So if you want other side dishes like kimchi and rice, you have to bring your own. Saw a couple of tables that did that.

Damn smart people.


  • But man, the beef ribs were so good. Mainly because of the marination, but we did order 5 portions of this gorgeous piece of meat. It was that DAMN GOOD! AND IT WAS ONLY FOR 15000KRW!UntitledUntitledUntitled

One cool aspect of Korean BBQ is you have old women helping you cook the meat:


But after about 15 minutes, she left us.


She was probably thinking “damn foreigners, don’t even know how to cook meat.”

So we had to cook the meat ourselves…..


Thank goodness my two lady friends know how to get cook a good piece of meat up!

Too bad Choi, being the man sucks at it….


Getting here is quite a bitch because it’s so hidden.

From memory you have to go from Sinchon Station Exit 7. That’s all I can give you.

I tried to google but everything is in Korean…which I cannot read.

For best galbi in seoul, come to Yeonnam Seo Sikdang Galbi!


Written from Hong Kong, Home on March 27, 2018

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