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 Do you still celebrate your first date anniversary?

Do married couples still keep that anniversary? Or do they change to the engagement date? Or should it be wedding date? Please someone do enlighten me on this matter.

Anyhow, we still celebrate our first date anniversary because we cool like that.


Also wanted to take Life Boss to a nice restaurant because she is cool like that!

But if you ask me, I just want to use this as an excuse to go to Grissini ! Haha!


Please do not tell Life Boss, I will get my ass kicked.


So Choi how did you choose this restaurant?

Good question. I have a checklist I go through before deciding whether this is an appropriate romantic dinner place:

# 1 – Does this restaurant serve alcohol

This is damn important.

No dinner can be considered romantic unless there is some alcohol! So make sure in advance your restaurant has a liquor license. I have been burnt before with restaurants with no alcohol. Like fuck that shit!

So since Grissini  served alcohol, so this requirement has been met!

  • We started with Prosecco (complimentary!). And then proceeded to down a bottle of white wine. Not a big fan of white wine but whatever Life Boss wants, life boss gets!Untitled

# 2 – The place needs to be a bit dim

Why? Because it’s more romantic when its a big dark!

I feel when it’s bright as fuck it screws up with the atmosphere. And it doesn’t seem as welcoming.

But when the restaurant lights are dim it encourages more “closeness” and encourages more “deep” conversations.

And if you want to impress your significant other, then having “deep” conversations is a must!


# 3 – Make sure there’ something unique about the restaurant that you will remember it by


Because girls love memorable shit.

So what was memorable about Grissini?


  • Look how intrigued life boss is about the big ass bread sticks! Definitely memorable. UntitledUntitled
 It’s damn huge!


# 4 – Make sure the damn food is good!

Because if it isn’t, it’s going to ruin your night!

So do your damn research, make sure the online reviews are good. You are going to spend a fortune at these fine dine restaurants, so at least eat something damn good!

  • Our Burrata. Damn small (as expected of a fine dine restaurant). But at least it was fresh. Untitled
  • Life Boss’ gnocchi. It looked good, and she said it tasted good! Although I don’t know if she said that just to make me feel good about my selection hah!Untitled
  • My delicious tagliatelle (beef pasta for those that are not educated). SO GOOD! Pasta was freshly made, beef was juicy. Only thing I didn’t like about it was the size….but that’s fine dining for you. Untitled
  • we also ordered a tenderloin because I wanted to make sure Life Boss was full! You don’t want your significant other to be hungry. You will get an ass kicking!Untitled
  • Our tiramisu as dessert. I LOVE TIRAMISU!!UntitledUntitled

# 5 – The restaurant will do something special for you

Because if they don’t, why the fuck should I dine at your place?

  • Grissini was kind enough to make this chilled green apple dish for me with the words “Anniversary”.Untitled

Don’t think life boss cared much about this though.


Why? Because this is only for show. You can’t eat that shit.


At least it looked cool.

And there you have it! Choi’s 5 pointer checklist when choosing a nice romantic restaurant to wine and dine your significant other!



Written from Hong Kong, Home on March 15, 2018

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