I don’t eat at vegetarian restaurants much.

This man is a damn carnivore. I need my meat. If I don’t get meat I am not satisfied. So when I agreed to meet life boss at this restaurant called Shook I knew I was doing life boss a big favor. Why? Because this was a vegetarian restaurant. To her credit, I did agree to this restaurant without doing any prior research. However, to my credit I was still half asleep when she asked me this. So this was probably done intentionally to get me to eat more vegetables. Life boss went to her yoga class, and I went on a 45 minute jog before meeting her at this restaurant. Big ass mistake because I was hungry as fuck when I arrived. And that’s when I realized this was a non-meat serving establishment.

Well fuck my life.

I sat down anyways because I didn’t want to anger life boss. Though I still ended up making her angry by making smart ass comments about how we need to order 10 dishes to get full. Anyways, I ordered a smoothie (non-meat) while waiting for life boss. The smoothie was very healthy. This restaurant is a Israeli vegetarian cuisine. Interesting. I don’t think I ever had that combo before. But then how often do I eat vegetarian meals. I ordered the hummus dish that came with a huge ass pita. Oh side note – this is also why I don’t like vegetarian restaurants. They tend to fill you up with a lot of carb dishes. This goes against the theory of low carb diets, aka don’t stuff yourself with carbs. My hummus was light and delicious to my surprise. Life boss got this tomato based sauce with pita (I don’t remember the dish name). Her dish was pretty delicious as well.

Overall, to my surprise this was a pleasant brunch experience. We also sat at the patio so that probably increased the positive user experience ten fold. Don’t get me wrong, Choi is not going to give up his meat but hey, maybe once in awhile I will drop by to Shook just to cleanse my dirty system. Speaking of which, this meal is so healthy that I need to take a big ass crap now. Oh no, life boss is occupying the washroom at this very moment…..

hah. TMI, I know.

Nice patio
My smoothie
Life boss dish
My Hummus
Our healthy meal

Written from Toronto, Home on Aug 25, 2019

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