Last meal in Montreal.

We initially wanted to go to this restaurant called L’avenue but it was packed like a fucker. With two hungry ladies you know that shit was not going to fly. We were flustered, scared, and did not know what to do. My buddy had a good idea and said “hey let’s grab a bag of those delicious bagels first”. Good idea, that appeased the ladies for a bit. We arrived at the bagel store, and scanned the nearby area for a good brunch restaurant. Voila, B+M!

We were lucky that we got a seat immediately otherwise we would have gotten our ass kicked by two hungry ladies. I scanned the menu and got an orange juice (my second that morning). I opted for the big ass morning breakfast because why the fuck not, we had a 6 hour commute back to Toronto and pretty sure won’t be stopping for a meal (though I did stop for a timmies midway because I was falling asleep on the wheel). My big ass breakfast was your typical sausage + eggs + ham + pancakes. I devoured that shit like a champion. The others enjoyed their meals as well. I especially liked the bagel + salmon combination that my friend ordered. I haven’t had a salmon bagel in awhile. I should try it next time. Cheers.

My big ass breakfast
Our counter of meals

Written from home, Toronto on September 7, 2019

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