What a wonderful combination. Well maybe not coffee, not a big coffee drinker myself though lately I am finding myself in constant need of caffeine. Need to wean that shit off, I don’t think it’s good for you. I crash horribly after coffee, yes I do get a 15 minute but after that Bam I need to sleep. Anyways, the reason why I started this post with the words “Pastries, Pizza and Coffee” is because I literally just had that. Like one hour ago (prior to drafting this post). The place where we had all three items was at Sud Forno. Sud Forno is related to Terroni, another kick ass Italian restaurant. However, Life Boss branded this place as a “coffee shop”. IIIII don’t know about that. There is another Sud Forno near my workplace (termperance location), and the based on that particular eating experience I am pretty sure this was a restaurant. I didn’t want to correct life boss though because I didn’t want to get my ass kicked.

We arrived at the other location near our home (Queen), and yes it does appear to look like a coffee place. Damnit Sud Forno, why you making shit so confusing. Anyways, last time I had the pizza and it was amazing. So naturally, I gravitated towards pizza. I got one with salami, and one with olives / sausages. Yes that’s my taste. Although it was tasty, it wasn’t as good as last time. The main difference being in the other location, they made to order. Here, the pizza was sitting around for awhile so it was not piping hot, so a bit of a fail. Life boss got the mushroom salad, it was alright. Nothing special. The PASTRIES though, was damn delicious. A cross of donuts + sugar + cream. Damn good. So good that we had two.

We also ordered cappuccinos, it was small as fuck so we had to do two rounds of that shit. And it wasn’t free refills. Yep. Sud Forno is good, but I recommend going to the temperance location.

Coffee + Pizza
Mushroom Salad
more pizza shots
Just trying to be artistic here

Written from Toronto, Home on September 22, 2019

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