I was craving lobster pasta.

Why? Because the restaurant we went to last night they were serving this big ass lobster pasta and it stuck in my mind ever since. So when life boss took me to a fine dining italian restaurant called Lo Guarracino you know that was the only shit that I wanted to eat. And that was exactly what I ordered. However, because we did a 3 hour hike earlier in the day we were STARVING. So in additional to us both getting lobster pasta, we also ordered an Octopus salad and mussel as starters. I liked both dishes but life boss didn’t like the mussel one as much. She said she can make the same at home.  She has a point there. We both like the octopus salad though. The Italians really know how to make octopus tender. Like shit, I have never eaten so much octopus in my life. Even though we disagreed on the appetizers, we both really liked the lobster pasta. Man so fresh. My only complaint? Not enough! I was still hungry at the end of the meal. That’s why we ended up getting the chocolate cake =)

waiting for our food
Mussels that life boss didn’t like
Octopus salad
Lovely lobster pasta
We both got the same dish!
Yummy Chocolate Cake

Written from Positano, Italy on October 22, 2019

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