What is a must do in Positano!?

Easy. you must go on a boat. I mean rent a boat. And drive that shit. Yes drive that shit. In Canada you need to get a license to drive a boat. In positano, give them 100 Euros and you are good to go. We go this boat called something predator, it’s basically a rubber speed boat. Easy to navigate and use, you just either press the lever up to accelerate, or press it down to decelerate. Even I can get this shit. There were times when the water was choppy and we were bouncing up and down. So choppy to the point that life boss was just bouncing around like a rag doll. LoL. It was pretty jokes. I think she hurt her head. haha.

But why you must drive a boat specifically in Positano is because of the Amalfi Coast. You speed / slowly float by the coast. It’s so nice and beautiful. So chill too. And exhilarating. After awhile of just coasting, we began to accelerate like a motherfucker. We went so fast that I lost my shirt. No it didn’t rip off. I took it off and and flew off like a motherfucker. Damn. That was my Auston Matthews tshirt too. Now I must get a new Auston Matthews t-shirt. At least life boss gave me the approval…

Too beautiful.
Life boss playnig the skipper. We didn’t die.
some side shots.
life boss taking a picture of me taking a picture of her

Written from Positano, Italy, on October 21, 2019

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