Father is going back to Hong Kong for vacation.

Therefore, as tradition, we had japanese for dinner just before he left. Yes, we love our damn japanese food. I kill all salmon sashimi. Love the fatness, the texture, the taste of it. I can eat it all day. Unfortunately our favorite AYCE restaurant closed down so tried this new joint called Hamaru Sushi.

Food was good and fresh. We orderd a boat of sashimi because why the fuck not. Also had an order of sushi and uni. Probably went overboard with the raw stuff, as we didn’t have any space for cooked stuff. Oh well, that’s what you get in a japanese restaurant right? The service was a bit slow though, think they were understaffed that particular night. But then, this place is located in the middle of nowhere so the fact that the restaurant was full is quite impressive. I may come back again.

The boat
Delicious Uni
Our sushi boat

Written from Toronto, Home on Sept 28, 2019

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