Positano is beautiful.

But you probably knew that. And if you didn’t, well it is. And that’s why it deserves it’s own post.

We spent a good 5 nights there, and boy was it a fantastic 5 nights. We stayed at this very nice “Casa” aka not a hotel and not an air bnb. The reason why Life boss chose that place was for the view. We got the room with the sea view / balcony and yes it was worth every minute.

Spent a lot of time on that balcony playing poker (and the occasional work).

We walked around town a lot too, and was able to take a lot of breath taking photos.

This was very comparable to Piran. I initially said Piran was better, but now that I think about it Positano is more beautiful. It’s just that the people in Piran are a lot nicer =p. Still, Positano, you are damn beautiful.

Breath taking
Red boat
View from our boat
View from our balcony
Another angle of Positano

Written from Toronto, Home, on October 27, 2019


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