Another bucket list item crossed off!

This time it’s visiting the Coliseum in Rome! Kudos for life boss for organizing this last minute. I thought I told her I wanted to see the Coliseum but I guess I forgot?

Don’t remember.

Still she was able to pull through and book us a very unique tour of rome / coliseum. Aka doing a rome / coliseum tour at night! I didn’t know you could go into the Coliseum at night, thought it was closed but apparently this is a new thing. Our tour started at 9PM, and our very friendly local tour guide took us to some historical monuments in the middle of the city. Interesting tid bit – the City of Rome is built on top of a some very important historical sites such as the roman forums. He called it an architectural disaster lol. We did this for about an hour until we started the main event: walking through the coliseum!

We got in, and it was damn dark. I thought they would have lighted up the coliseum but nope. Oh well, I did my best to take pictures for you guys. It was bit eerie being in the coliseum, knowing a lot of people died here. It was also a chilly night so yes, felt a bit doom and gloom that night. Learnt a lot that night from the guides, which you can wikipeda so I am not going to waste your time on that shit. Overall, it was a fabulous and unforgettable experience!

First floor
Historical monuments
Lovely walk through rome

Written from Toronto, Home on October 27, 2019


  1. Such a beautiful place! I think it looks better at night, plus it’s less crowded. I really hope everything will get back to normal and this virus will disappear in an instant.

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