Thunder Bay


Hello Thunder Bay!

My first time here. And man is it super COLD. Minus 20 already (it’s only November).

Still, this is a nice and quite small town (population of over 100,000 only). 

My staff keeps trashing this town has no good food. Really? Well let me google this shit! Out came Nook, an Italian restaurant. Yes even though I just came back from Italy I still crave pizza like mad so sure, what the hell let’s do it.

I ordered the Diavola because that’s the only pizza I eat now. I did add mushrooms + olives to the pizza but that’s cause I am good like that. Although the pizza was not as good as the ones in Italy, it was still pretty good! I thoroughly enjoyed it devouring this pizza.

So hah! There is good food here. You just need to do some research =)

my pizza
Our pizzas


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