Hah – the title makes it sound like we had a lot of food in Sorrento.

Nope. False advertising by me. Only had one other meal here. Just needed another post to beef up this Sorrento Category.

haha. Yes.

We were having back to Rome from Positano, and had a stopover in Sorrento. It was also 1130 already and life boss was getting hungry so you know we had to find food. The shitty thing about Sorrento (and most Italian restaurants) is that they are very strict on when the lunch menu starts, aka mostly at 12 – 1230.  Was not impressed because I super wanted pizza.

After walking around we finally found a restaurant called Bar Del Carmine that served lunch. Aka pizza. I got what I wanted, which was the Diavola pizza. Surprisingly, the pizza wasn’t too bad! I enjoyed it! The pizza dough wasn’t as chewy as the other restaurants, but still I liked it. Life boss got this rock hard sandwich. I don’t know why she keeps ordering bread / sandwiches in Italy. It’s like eating rock. Why? Why is bread so damn hard in Italy?

My Diavola
Rock Hard Sandwich

Written from Toronto,  Home on October 27, 2019

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