We just finished watching Star Wars – Risk of Skywalker.

The movie ended at 11AM. Yes we caught the 9AM show.

We are old, and we enjoy watching movies early in the morning.

Gives us the rest of the day back.

Now take a guess what is a must a do at 11AM? Find a damn place to have lunch of course.

Naturally we didn’t plan a head nor do any research on where we should have lunch.

We walked blindly around downtown Toronto until Life Boss got annoyed / tired.

That’s when we came across this restaurant called Bannock.

We got two surprises. One – the food was damn delicious. Two – this restaurant is in an area where I usually take my clients for lunch., and I never been! So note to self, take more clients to this delicious restaurant!

Fried Chicken and French Toast
Life boss’ fried eggs / Toast / Many Avocados
Full shot

Written from Toronto, Home on December 28, 2019

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