Hello Saturday!

Life boss woke up and immediately said she wanted french toast. Some weird cravings she got there but sure, what life boss wants life boss gets.

Did some googling and out came this restaurant called “The Ace”. You guys better “ace” your food…haha..

Okay bad joke.

They serve beer here, and damn I really wanted to get a pint. But I have been trying to decrease my drinking so I opted for a decaf instead.

Yes trying to be healthy.

So healthy that I did not order the fried chicken.

Nope, I ordered this thing called Madam Croquet. It’s basically a fancy version of a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. With an egg on top. You can google this dish if you want to know more about it. Life boss got french toast of course, cause that’s what she wanted. French toast was huge as fuck, with a big ass banana on top. I guess the fruits sort of makes this dish more healthy? not sure.

The Ace definitely “Aced” their food here!

The bar
My fancy sandwich
Life boss’ huge french toast
looks more like pancakes to me
We also ordered home made fries!

Written from Toronto, Home on December 28, 2019

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